About Us

Bektra Corp manufactures and distributes performance engineered air emission and odor management technologies for a wide selection of industry applications. Systems and treatment programs are customized to meet the most stringent in performance and operating criteria while respecting economic objectives.

Who is Bektra?

A green innovation company with bright ideas

Bektra is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high performance green solutions for odor management around the world.

Our Team

Bektra's team comprises highly trained individuals with experience in air quality management, production, and systems engineering. We have aligned with contractors, government and university partners to expand our research in odor mitigation technology and the methodology to deploy them.

  • We identify each customer's unique needs and operational objectives
  • We provide custom-engineered solutions
  • We provide full service support, from concept to post project completion

  • Innovation

    We seek out highly-motivated research partners for projects of mutual interest, accessing industry-specific expertise and state of the art technical infrastructure to help us put new ideas into practice.

  • Partnership

    Bektra firmly embraces the power of partnership through constructive alliances with research institutions and industry partners that share common goals in bringing to market next generation odor management technology.

  • Manufacture

    We proudly manufacture many of the industries most advanced odor counteractant solutions and the systems that deploy them. Our chemical blending facility is state of the art and we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers requirements and quality expectations.

    Superior Service

    Bektra's team of odor control experts make the difference in selecting the best products for your facility. We ensure unparalleled customer support before, during and after the purchase of our products.

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