Direct Injection

ODOR-KEY Direct Injection Solutions (DIS) products are concentrated blends of natural odor neutralizing compounds designed for use in direct injection applications. Solutions are injected directly into odorous materials without dilution.

Direct Injection Odor Management Solutions

ODOR-KEY DIS solutions are available in industry specific formulations and are used to provide immediate and long lasting relief. ODOR-KEY products are not masking agents. They are scientifically developed odor control agents that efficiently and economically reduce or eliminate the malodor by altering and neutralizing the odor producing mechanism at its source.

Where To Use Direct Injection Applications

Managing odor is a challenging and frustrating problem facing drilling sites, oil refineries and industrial facilities. Nothing animates people faster than hydrocarbon odors wafting through the air in their neighborhood. The emission of odors has become much more than a mere nuisance problem for most facilities. Heightened environmental awareness has elevated industrial odors in the public mind from a mere nuisance to a perceived health hazard. ODOR-KEY DIS is effective in eliminating nuisance odors in applications requiring direct injection into odorous substrates.

  • Drilling Operations
  • Refineries
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Wastewater Sludge
  • Mining

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