Waterless Odor Control for Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation has grown exponentially over the past few years and with it a heightened awareness in the requirement for effective odor management to satisfy the surrounding communities and regulators. Bektra's proven odor management technologies properly tackle the toughest emission challenges facing today's cultivators.

Be A Good Neighbor

Nobody wants to live next to a skunk. The strong aromatic terpenes and terpenoids that contribute to the characteristic odor of cannabis cultivation, combined with exhaust from roof vents or fans, can create a stinky situation for surrounding neighbors.

With a proven pedigree in commercial odor control solutions, Bektra manufactures odor-mitigation technologies that properly treat exhausting air from a greenhouse without the use of water.

Let us help you be a good neighbor with an efficient, effective solution customized for your business.

Waterless Greenhouse Odor Control

Greenhouse odor control can be achieved without the wasteful use of water as a carrier of odor counteractant. Bektra technology uses the power of controlled air, and not water, to create and diffuse Odor-Key VP942 odor counteractant into greenhouse exhausted air.

Odor-Key VP942 - Odor Counteractant Designed for Cannabis Cultivation

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Indoor and Outdoor Products

Point Source Waterless Vapor

Waterless odor management products introduced as a dry vapour through forced air linear or point source distribution systems.

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Waterless Linear Vapor

Waterless odor control solution is blown as dry vapor through lengths of perforated diffuser pipe.

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Custom designed Carbon Filters with high-efficiency blowers to remove Volatile Organic Compounds and nuisance odors.

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Save millions of
gallons of water

Start using our waterless vapor phase programs or switch from traditional water-based fogging systems today. An average greenhouse can save up to 5 million gallons of water per year.


Proven results
you can trust

Bektra firmly embraces the power of partnership through constructive alliances with research institutions and third parties to validate the effectiveness of our products.


Custom engineered solutions
We proudly design and manufacture solutions that target the specific volatile chemical compounds responsible for odor complaints in cannabis cultivation.

Superior Service

Bektra's team of odor control experts make the difference in selecting the best products for your facility. We ensure unparalleled customer support before, during and after the purchase of our products.

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