Formulations Matched to Delivery Systems

Formulations have been developed with industry specific objectives and then matched to delivery systems that can maximize cost efficiency, reliability and performance.

Safe and Effective

Odor-Key concentrates consist of a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts held together in a stable emulsion using NPE free surfactants. Rigorous 3rd party testing has been conducted on the concentrate to validate the high health and safety profile. Odor-Key concentrates are non-toxic, ship non-hazardous and our independent testing validates that it is safe for use around people, pets, and plants.

  • Inhalation Toxicity - in accordance with OPPTS Guideline 870.1300 and OECD Guideline 403.
  • Dermal Irritation – in accordance with OPPTS, OECD Guidelines
  • Oral Toxicity - in accordance with OPPTS 870.1100 and OECD 425 Guidelines.
  • Dermal Toxicity – in accordance with OPPTS and OECD Guidelines.
  • Eye Irritation - in accordance with OPPTS and OECD Guidelines.

Waterless Vapor

Waterless odor management products introduced as a dry vapour through forced air linear or point source distribution systems.


Water-soluble odor management concentrates mixed with water and atomized under pressure through nozzles.


Odor management solutions applied topically to odorous materials.


Odor management concentrates injected directly into odorous liquid substrates.

Activated Carbon

Custom-designed waste gas treatment and odor control systems using activated carbon filters.

Granular Odor Control

Ultralight triple-action granular odor control.

Fogging cannons for dust, odor and cooling

High-performance fog cannons used for dust, odor and environmental cooling in a range of industries. Available in various sizes for purchase or rental.

Bektra offers a range of industry-leading odor management systems with a host of operational features:

  • Point Source Vapour
  • Forced Air Linear Vapour
  • High Pressure Atomization
  • Mid Pressure Atomization
  • Fogging Cannons
  • Spray Systems

Scientifically Formulated Odor Management Solutions

Scientifically developed to reduce or eliminate specific malodor by altering and neutralizing odorous components.

  • Industry specific formulations
  • Broad spectrum effectiveness
  • Misting, vapor and topical formulations
  • Economical applications rates
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Immediate odor reduction

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