With so many sources of odor commonly associate with functioning wastewater treatment it is common to experience community complaints, and with it, the pressure to find solutions. Depending on the scale of the facility, the solutions can require grand engineered solutions or where odors can be isolated, Bekra provides a range of systems and odor specific solutions that can effectively resolve issues.

A Best Practice Approach

Bektra’s “point source” waterless vapor generating systems to treat wet wells, press rooms, and head works. Waterless linear vapor or, depending on the environment, fogging systems can be used to treat the perimeters of tanks and facility property lines. A best practice approach has been developed for most of the common areas within wastewater works. Most deployment systems come standard with automation features and plug in options for remote monitoring and management.

Applicable Applications

Superior Products

Waterless Vapor

Waterless odor management products introduced as a dry vapour through forced air linear or point source distribution systems.


Water-soluble odor management concentrates mixed with water and atomized under pressure through nozzles.


Odor management concentrates injected directly into odorous liquid substrates.

Superior Service

Bektra's team of odor control experts make the difference in selecting the best products for your facility. We ensure unparalleled customer support before, during and after the purchase of our products.

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