Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters are designed and used fo the removal of vapors and odors which may be present within air or gas flows.

Cylindrical Activated Carbon Filters

Industrial and commercial 2 stage cylindrical activated carbon filters designed to remove 99.5 % of odors. Paired with high performance in-line duct blowers these systems force air through the filters activated carbon bed and discharge clean air back into rooms. They are designed for continuous use and ideal in industry requiring the removal of volatile organic compounds.

Custom-designed Carbon Systems

Bektra's custom-designed activated carbon filters absorb vapors that bind to the surface of activate carbon. Zero odor levels are reached by exposing the air to a bed of activated carbon in an absorber. The carbon bed is sufficiently deep to ensure complete odor removal at typical or seasonal peak concentrations.

Key Facts

  • Exhaust air streams can treat systems designed for 50 cubic meters/hour up to 30,000 cubic meters/hour
  • Energy efficiency due to an ideal ratio of ground area, carbon bed depth and pellet diameter
  • Selection of activated carbon available

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