Regardless of the process type, the controlled decomposition of organic waste can lead to varying magnitudes of nuisance odor. The origin of the waste and the composting process itself can determine whether the odor ranges from reduced sulfur compounds to ammonia and amines.

Site-specific Solutions

Bektra works with operators to first identify and target specific gas production associated with daily operations. Waterless linear vapor or nozzle based fogging systems are considered against a range topical applications that work at the source to manipulate odor production without altering the rate of decomposition process. The selected product is then paired with delivery systems and process that optimize outcomes factoring the site-specific environmental conditions and performance objectives.

Applicable Applications

Superior Products

Waterless Vapor

Waterless odor management products introduced as a dry vapour through forced air linear or point source distribution systems.


Water-soluble odor management concentrates mixed with water and atomized under pressure through nozzles.


Odor management solutions applied topically to odorous materials.

Superior Service

Bektra's team of odor control experts make the difference in selecting the best products for your facility. We ensure unparalleled customer support before, during and after the purchase of our products.

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