Waterless Dry Vapor Odor Management

VAPOR-TEC applications are ideal in year round environments, locations with water restrictions or where conventional atomizing nozzles would have been positioned in areas not easily serviced.

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Next Generation Waterless Odor Control

Water Conservation

Our products are designed and developed with water conservation in mind. Our average industrial customer saves over a million gallons of potable water a year.

Year-round Use

We develop waterless vapor solutions that do not require dilution, do not freeze in cold climates, and require no winterization.


Our systems are designed with application flexibility to treat only the areas you need - at the optimum dosage.

Bektra ODOR-KEY VP (Vapor Phase)
Waterless Vapor Formulations

ODOR-KEY VP is a highly effective concentrated multi-component blend of natural odor neutralizing compounds designed specifically for use in waterless vapor delivery systems. These formulations do not contain water or surfactants and are not diluted with water prior to application. The concentrated blend of odor neutralizing compounds is blown as dry vapor into rooms, air handling systems or diffused through pipe with equally spaced holes where the vapor neutralizes odors in the treated air.

Point Source Vapour Systems

Bektra VAPOR-TEC Point Source systems are self-contained vapor-generating stations used to deliver a waterless odor counteractant, called ODOR-KEY VP, in the form of dry vapor. They are ideal for use in trash rooms, chutes and the exhaust from structures including greenhouses. Advantages include:

  • Treatment introduced when odors exist and exhaust from structures
  • Point source systems can be used independently and with remote vapor stations to expand treatment area
  • Low use rates - uses undiluted solution
  • Easy to install - self-contained systems mount to wall

Forced Air Linear Vapour Systems

Bektra VAPOR-TEC forced air linear vapor systems convert concentrated solution into a dry vapour that is blown through lengths of perforated diffuser pipe. PLC programming, remote monitoring and remote management ensure uninterrupted treatment for up to several months between service. They are custom built as stationary platforms, that are available in weather resistant enclosures, and portable trailers.

Where To Use Vapor

ODOR-KEY VP odor control formulations are intended for use with forced air and point source odor control systems. System can be equipped with a range of accessories to enhance management and site specific service characteristics. COMMON VAPOR-TEC APPLICATIONS:

  • Landfills
  • Wastewater
  • Greenhouses
  • Trash Rooms
  • Transfer Stations
  • Sludge Handling
  • Agri-food Production
  • Material Recovery

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